This is the page that you will be met with after clicking the “Courses” tab in the navigation bar.

Courses are made up of modules and activities. Modules can be thought of as sections within courses, and activities can include quizzes, lectures, and readings within modules. Once you have navigated to a course you will be able to see the title of the course, a short description, the certificate that you will receive upon completing it (if applicable), and the number of modules.

Courses page


To access a course that you are enrolled in, click on the rectangular area labelled with your course’s name. You can also access the courses by hovering over the “Courses” tab in the navigation bar and clicking on the name there (as shown above). The “Start” button will let you jump directly into the content of the course, but it is recommended that you click on the course name first to see the course overview before doing so.

To view all available modules and activities, click on the name of any section within the course. You can click on any of the activities that are available to you to start that specific activity. Note that some activities require completion of previous activities, so some may not be clickable. To collapse this list, simply click on the name of the course again.




On the left-hand side of the course page, you will see a column with three different sections, titled in order: Videoconferences, Documents, and Forum.


Left Sidebar


  • Videoconferences: Each instance contains a link to a weekly videoconference. These will be accessible within the course activities as well.
  • Documents: Important documents that are relevant to the course. Click on the icons to view and download.
  • Forum: Text-based discussion forum where you can leave comments and start discussions pertaining to the course.

To view all instances of any of these, click the “See all” link at the bottom of each section.

The following sections go into further detail about the functionalities of courses. Click on a section to start learning.